2013 Teknic Violator Glove




Teknic has revamped the Violator glove and they have definitely done it well.


First, lets talk about the sliders that cover this glove. From the Knox scaphoid sliders the knuckles and the gauntlet to the finger tips, these gloves are designed to slide. What does this mean for protection? simply put, this means less damage to you and the glove. When a racer crashes, the first instinct is to put your palms to the ground to break the fall. When this happens and you are without sliders the initial impact will be greater than if you had sliders and the energy transfer can tear the glove to leave an exposed palm, it can cause a wrist, forearm or shoulder injury that is UN-necessary.


Teknic has also incorporated stretch panels on these gloves that are constructed of perforated leather to allow protection and comfort  in the fingers. They have also used a kevlar motion panel on the back of the wrist to allow the most unrestricted movement to the rider without losing protection.


Lets talk about the cost of these gloves. Most gloves that deliver this amount of protection coupled with the comfort will retail over the $200 mark. Teknic has been able to build a glove with all of these features that retail at $179.99, but you can get them from STG for only $161.99 .

With all of that being said, this is a glove that is sure to be around for a while and will rival most $200 gloves all day long, but that also means these baby’s will move. So to recap, we have a comfortable glove with room for break in, padding all around with multiple layers in impact and high wear areas, sliders everywhere possible and easy on / easy off design all for well under $200.

If you have any additional product or install questions, please give us a call. 888-784-4327


All new semi rigid/ vented injection molded knuckle system combined with molded finger & wrist protection systems provide intake cooling & impact dispersion.

High Density closed cell foam Impact padding in critical areas for added Protection.

Knox® Scaphoid protectors – a Patented palm protection system.

Safety wrap finger system, a stronger & safer finger construction with added comfort.

Safety wrap pinkie & cuff system, adds protective layers over vulnerable lateral seams.

Pre-curved fingers & palm for superior comfort & feel.

Tunnel system in knuckles & fingers for added layers of protection & flexibility.

Underside wrist & gauntlet adjustment system allows a correct fit.

Breathable Nylex lined upper lining for comfort.




Outstanding amount of stretch panels

Outstanding level of comfort

Double layer cowhide, backed with 100% Knit Kevlar reinforcement in palm, side of hand & pinkie – for added protection & abrasion resistance.

0.8 mm Drum Dyed cowhide & stretch Kevlar upper combined with a Sheepskin palm for a new level of abrasion resistance & superior feel.


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