Alpinestars SMX Plus Boots 2011 Model Review


The Alpinestars SMX Plus Boots is an updated version of one of our most popular street/track riding boots.  The older version was one of the best values in boots that we had ever seen in the Alpinestars line.  One of the main things Alpinestars did with the new Alpinestars SMX Plus boots were to get the most comfort out of the boot without reducing any protection.  Alpinestars hit the mark with this boot spot on.  They also wanted to keep this boot as protective as the previous generation, in order to keep the same protection and up the comfort, they had to redesign the rear support system.  They are now using a unique Multi Link Control Systems that provides advanced support for the ankle, limiting hyper-torsion, hyper-extension as well as providing additional impact protection to the ankle and Achilles.

Check out our Aplinestars SMX Plus 2011 Boot Review:

Being able to use the new Multi Link Control system in conjunction with high modulus TPU protection allows them to keep the boot a very sleek profile.  One of the nicest features of the new and old boot is the inner Kevlar speed lacing system.  This allows micro-adjustable ratchet fastener to give each user a customized fit for comfort, and eliminates heal lift when moving from side to side on the motorcycle.  Once you have tightened the speed lacing system, you are ready to zip up the boot, there is an added stretch panel to help people with wider or bulkier feet zip the boot up with easy.  Keeping the boot light Alpinestars is using a high-tech microfiber upper construction that maintains high durability.  The rear of the boot behind the calf is made up of an accordion like panel, that helps also with comfort and is protected by the Multi Link Control system.

The New SMX Plus boot has an all new re-designed sole under it, that offers more feel and more protection.  This sole is an evenly textured rubber for constant grip while on the motorcycle and on the ground.  The sole also over-laps the front of the toe to help with protection and reinforcement.  On the inside of the boot Alpinestars has updated the inner sole to add perforation to keep air moving.  The toe slider has also been changed after many years of the same slider on all of the Alpinestars Boots.  The new toe slider is wider and longer to help protect the boot better.  It is still using the snap-in assembly that Alpinestars has been using for years.

Alpinestars is always on the forefront of design and protection, this boot is nothing short of that, and we will update our customers once we have put some miles in this boot.

This boots is available in 36 Euro – 48 Euro, and comes in Black, Black Vented, Red, White, and White/Red Vented.

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