Bell Star Smart Helmet Announced for 2016

Bell Star Smart Helmet Announced for 2016


We all want to be the next Rossi, Roczen, Martin, or McGunniess, but for the overwhelming majority of us, that isn’t something that’s within reach. As you pick up your shattered dreams like an egg from the pavement, remember that our lives are still bri360FLY BRG - Motorcycle Helmet- Bell Smart Helmetmming with fulfilling moto-experiences; and it’s progressively getting even better. The sense that we’re reaching a new period of pure moto-bliss is permeating the industry. As the economy begins to swing back, manufacturer rivalries begin to flare and technology continues to improve exponentially. The everyday rider will soon find themselves in the midst of unbelievably exciting new bikes and gadgets that make reality a little closer to those daydreams of being a pro rider.  On the morning of January, 5th, 2016, BRG sports made an announcement about one of these new advances. 

Many action sports enthusiasts recently experienced a new world of adventure videography and virtual reality with the 360 Fly Camera that enables the user to continuously record a 360 degree radius around the camera unit in 4K HD. But the impressive lineup of features does not stop there, once the recording is complete the video can be edited, and users are actually able to interact with the on screen display to adjust the camera 360 degrees around the axis in real time from a proprietary app from a mobile device. The premise is fairly difficult to articulate, so if you have never seen or interacted with a video produced by this amazing piece of technology head over here and follow the on screen instructions. This camera is great for anyone looking to take their action adventure experience to the next level by recording and editing footage to share with friends and family.360FLY BRG - Motorcycle Helmet-Bell Smart Helmet

But where it really gets exciting… BRG announced this morning that not only are they going to release a lineup of some of the most earth shattering helmet models in a decade (The Bell Star), but they are also going to make it available with full Fly 360 4K integration. In addition, to the amazing virtual reality capability, the integrated BRG model will also include a host of other features making this truly intelligent riding gear. According to a press release by BRG, the coordination of this technology will allow features like an “Autopilot” that will automatically track main subjects within a shot to keep (in our case) a fellow rider right in the center of the shot. And it’s not all fun and games; we should also mention the increase in safety that this smart helmet with premiere and what features it could eventually lead to. Slated to appear in the roll out, is the “Collision Avoidance Alert” that will allow the camera to sense and alert a rider of any potential dangers out of the natural field of vision. This leaves us to believe that if the technology works seamlessly enough as a toy which effectively reduce injuries caused on the street, then it could, in the future, be developed into a primarily safety-oriented feature. Regardless of the way each customer will choose to utilize this amazing new technology, there is no doubt that there is huge potential for the integrated smart helmet to completely change the game of on-board recording and 360 degree virtual reality tech.

Although no release date or price point has been detailed, we can assume that the launch will occur sometime after the release of the new Star Line in early 2016. For more information regarding the Fly 360 and Bell integration, please feel free to check out this interesting article found on TechCrunch or leave your question in a comment down below!

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