and Bigcommerce Join Forces

The primary emphasis in our business model is providing the best customer service possible to every single consumer that looks to shop with us. Brian Van and all of the individuals at live and breath the same mantra that is simply put, “By any means necessary”. Part of providing excellent customer service is having a website that is both appealing and (more importantly) usable. When we found out in early 2014 that we would need to have a new platform and website by the start of 2015, the search began for STG to find a new provider that could meet our needs. After a long search and huge migration project, Bigcommerce and STG are well on our way to having one of the best motorsports retail sites on the web. See how Brian Van and the team landed with Bigcommerce in the tell all case study below.


Link to Case Study: and BigCommerce Partner to Provide the Highest Level of Service

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