Cardo Systems Scala Rider G4 Multi-Communicator System Review

The Cardo System Scala Rider G4 Multi-Communcator System is the top package offered by Cardo, this unit also comes in a snow version for the snowmobiler’s.  The G4 Multi-Communicator System comes with factory-paired G4 headsets.  These units use digital processing for advanced audio, they have increased range up to one mile.  Jason has been using of these units since them middle of last season.  He has tested them with many different riding buddies with great results.  The thing he was extremely amazed by was the clarity at high speeds.  The Scala Rider G4 cuts down on the wind noise and allows each user to be heard loud and clear.  This is not the case with other units we have chosen to test.

Cardo Systems, Inc is located in Pittsburgh, PA (USA), and is a world leader in Bluetooth communication systems for Motorcycle Helmets.  Cardo has a system for everyone, the entry level rider, to the most advanced rich communicators on the market today.  Bikers in over 60 countries are using their products to communicate from rider to rider or bike to bike.

Jason really enjoyed the ability to connect to his cell phone using Bluetooth and listening to music he had on the phone.  The reason Jason does this with his phone and not the Ipod he has, is he is a paramedic and firefighter, so receiving calls and being able to make it to the fire station when he is around town is very important.  He doesn’t want to miss any calls when on bike and commuting back and forth to his full time job.

This has a 4-way intercom between two bikers and two passengers or among three separate bikers, addition G4 units are required to make this work.  With 10 hours of talk time, these units can easily go all day without having to be charged.  The G4 unit is able to be charged with a wall-plug that is included, as well as a USB cable that is also included for updates.  Quick charging of only 3 hours is a nice option as well for the spirited riders.

If you own an older Scala unit, don’t worry the G4 is able to be used with older units so it doesn’t render that one useless like other products we have seen.

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