Cortech Adrenaline Leather RR One-Piece Suit Review

The Cortech Adrenaline Leather RR is one of those great one piece leather suits that seems to get overlooked and forgotten about.  This suit is constructed of top grain cowhide leather that is a combination of perforated and non-perforated panels.  This suit comes in at under $900.00 and features Kevlar stretch panels, large accordion style leather expansion panels, CE approved armor and a removable liner.  The standard features on the Adrenaline RR are comparable to other brands that retail for a much higher price, giving you a ton of value for less of your hard earned dollars.  Don’t let the alphabetical sizing of this suit scare you away, the fit is great and we can help you get into the correct size.



One of the sales guys here, Jeff has had his eye on this suit for quite some time. Jeff is currently our showroom sales guy and does phone sales, so chances are you’ve talked to him one way or another.  He is currently street, dirt, supermoto and track riding and is also thinking about trying his hand at racing soon.  He has a ton of riding experience and can give good feedback on how the suit feels and should fit.  So, we stuck him in a size medium, snapped some pictures and asked him what he thought…

Jeff is 6′ tall and weighs in at about 195lbs with a 34″ waist. He is pretty close to what I would say is average sizing and the medium fits him spot on.  All new race suits will be snug at first but will break in after time.  The leather is stretched taught and will hold the armor in the correct spot.  Jeff’s opinion is that the knee armor fits perfectly and the elbow and shoulder armor had a decent fit off the bat.



All of the armor can be moved within the suit to dial in the fit with velcro strips. Jeff was able to get a good fit without having to move any of the armor and once it breaks in, he has the ability to put a back protector on underneath.  The fitment of this suit is what we would also categorize as a “race fit” and this is what Jeff would want.
The use of expansion panels and Kevlar stretch material will allow for good range of movement on and off the motorcycle, which is part of the reason Jeff could move easily with it being brand new.  These stretch panels will help flow air and combined with the amount of perforation in the leather, this suit will definitely keep you cool when riding on hot days.
All and in, we think it’s a great suit and it shouldn’t be overlooked anymore.  Whether you want a one-piece suit for the street, you want to start doing track days or just don’t want to break the bank on a new leather suit, the Cortech Adrenaline RR should be an option you consider.
For more detailed information on the suit and its features, Brian completed a full product review video for the Cortech Adrenaline RR and has included it in the Motorcycle Race Suit Shopping Guide.  Cortech has also put together a size chart that can be used to get a pretty close fit.  As always, any questions on sizing or features can go through the sales staff by calling 888-784-4327 or emailing

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