Great Lakes Supermoto winter MiniMoto races and track days!

Great Lakes Supermoto is bringing Minimoto indoors



Sterling Heights, MI



By Tony Albaceli

How do you combat the winter blues and stay in shape for the track season if you live in Michigan? Join the MiniMoto leagues at Great Lakes Supermoto!

Organized by amateur racer and track enthusiast Anthony Moceri, the MiniMoto leagues are a great way to keep racing all year long. Featuring two classes of race leagues and open class practice sessions, there is something for everyone! Several STG employees have discovered this amazing new indoor trackday this winter, and can help you gear up for MiniMoto.

For more information and rules regarding their 50cc and 88cc leagues, see here:

Have a different class mini bike? You can still participate in practice sessions. For more information, see here:

Dragging a knee in January in Michigan!

A great way to keep your racing form in the winter is to… race in the winter!

Experience the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat at Great Lakes Supermoto sessions. The MiniMoto races and practice days are an affordable way to keep racing in the winter, and beat the hell out of sitting on the couch!

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