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The Genesis G2 is the most popular lightweight battery. This battery powered the Yoshimura Suzuki and Team M4 Monster Energy Suzuki Superbikes in 2010. It is suitable for a wide range of motorcycles including 1000cc inline 4-cylinder sportbikes running stock charging systems, and V-Twin sportbikes up to 1000cc. This has been used on 1098 Ducati’s but is not recommended for this application in temperatures less than 32 degrees F.


The Genesis was the first lightweight motorcycle battery sold in the US. Starting in early 2008, Full Spectrum Power was winning races and championships in road and drag racing with Genesis lightweight batteries. We have continued to develop and improve the Genesis battery since 2008, and have now won more AMA races with Genesis powered machines than all other lightweight batteries combined! Every Genesis lightweight battery is hand built by Full Spectrum Power in the US, using only the best materials available.
Full Spectrum Power is the official battery supplier to Yoshimura Suzuki, Team M4 Monster Energy Suzuki, Monster Energy Kawasaki and Rickey Gadson, Celtic Racing, Orient Express Racing, and Patriot Racing. We have incorporated feedback from the very best riders, teams, and machines in the USA into all of our products.
Additional Information:

Capabilities: 240 amp discharge (this is similar to CCA for lead acid batteries); 4.6 amp hour capacity.
Dimensions: 120mm (L) x 60mm (W) x 75mm (H); 780 grams.
Genesis line of batteries are all quick-disconnect (requires additional modifications to connect quick-disconnect wiring to your bike).
Pulse line of batteries are all drop-in and connect.
Applications: trackday or race.
Genesis batteries come with quick disconnect cabling. No other cables are required.

About Full Spectrum Power

Full Spectrum Power pioneered the use of Lithium-based lightweight motorcycle batteries in performance and race applications. In 2008, Full Spectrum Power riders were winning races and championships in CCS competition with our prototype lightweight motorcycle batteries. Since then, Full Spectrum Power equipped machines have won more AMA Pro races than all other lightweight batteries combined. This is not by accident. The Full Spectrum line of batteries are used with STG’s own sponsored riders as well.
Full Spectrum Power lightweight motorcycle batteries are available in two styles and eight sizes. With an average weight savings of 7lbs, there is no better way to save weight on a modern motorcycle. We have lightweight batteries designed for all sizes and types of motorcycle, from 450cc dirt bikes to 1600cc drag bikes and everything in between.
Once finished, each battery is tested to ensure that it is exactly the same quality and performance as the lightweight batteries that helped Team M4 Monster Energy Suzuki’s Martin Cardenas win the 2010 AMA Daytona Sportbike Championship.

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  1. Michael Smith

    Furthermore, they set everything up for you so you walk out of the store not having to tinker with anything!! AND they are one of the only places I've seen sell adult Urban Scooters- Xootrs. Awesome product and even more awesome store!!! electric bikes nz


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