Giveaways, Giveaways, Giveaways

The Holidays for STG bring Santa Van, Aubrey the Elf and a slew of giveaways.  For the 2013 holiday season, Santa Van decided to do a weekly giveaway that was customer loyalty and appreciation based.  A completely new way of doing a giveaway for us here at STG, but we wanted to do something more than a completely random drawing.

So, as Santa Van explained in our November Sales video, each week we will select a winner, based off orders received the prior week.  If you made an order with us the week of the Thursday announcement and you are selected as the winner, Santa Van will give you a store credit matching your order amount, up to $500.  It gets even better, if you watch the video and call within a half hour of it going live, he will double the store credit amount, even if it goes over the $500 threshold!   The video is posted on our website, sent out in a newsletter and posted in our Facebook page, so there are many chances to win!

Stay tuned as the Holiday giving continues!

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