Healtech Quickshifter Easy Review

As a motorcyclist I often think to myself, “I want to upgrade my motorcycle but have no idea where to start, or what will provide the most noticeable improvement of my motorcycle”. The answer I get from my peers usually follows a similar progression, starting with steel braided brake lines, to exhaust to gearing and so forth until the opinions deviate somewhere between a new master cylinder and electronics.
Personally, I feel one of the easiest and most fun things you can do for the performance of your motorcycle is install an upgraded electronics system: ideally, a standalone quick shifter or an entire electronics upgrade that includes the shifter, traction control and whatever else is thrown into the unit. The Quickshifter is a sensitive device that recognizes pressure and is best described by our friends at Healtech, “The idea behind the quickshifter: clutchless, full throttle shifts for minimum time loss during a gear change”. By cutting the ignition at a very specific interval during the shift, the gearbox will be preloaded, and by the time
you have shifted the gear change is already completed and the chassis of your motorcycle and suspension are left, for the most part, undisturbed.

Most guys and girls on the street will not benefit from a QS unit like those taking it to the track, but having the ability to change gears in roughly 40 milliseconds is pretty rad no matter where you are using it. On the track, many racers and enthusiasts would tell you a quick shifter is truly invaluable with the massive amount of time you can save with the installation of this simple device. One of the most basic and effective systems on the market is Healtech Quickshift. This standalone unit is a well manufactured electronic system that can be easily installed on most modern motorcycles without any fabrication or dissection. This plug and play system is ultra-easy to tune, with the option of making adjustments on the fly with a Bluetooth compatible android app (The Apple OS is currently in the works). Imagine being at the track and adjusting your quick shifter without ever removing a seat or panel, or being halfway up a canyon and making some minor adjustments to your set up. All of this while using a seamless shift mechanism that takes the performance of your motorcycle to a whole new level. This is the vision that has Healtech always innovating to make things easier and more functional for their consumers. In addition to the physical and software benefits to the Healtech product, it only takes a couple of minutes on their website to see that they are an insanely organized and thorough company, and they clearly make it a point to provide their consumers with resources to help make installation and adjustments as easy as humanly possible. Coming in at only $319.99 for an easy to install and reliable product, this Quickshifter is an excellent addition to any race or high performance street bike when looking at the overall value and versatility of the product.

Here are some features on the Quickshifter Easy System:




With specific questions about Healtech or the Quickshift unit please feel free to call us at 888.784.4327, visit us on the web at www.Sportbiketrackgear.com or head over to the Healtech website!

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