A Street Rider’s Perspective on the Knox Handroid V14

Knox Handroid V14

From a long list of top tier moto-gloves comes the Knox Handroid V14 full-gauntlet glove. The Handroid V14 offers innovative methods of protection and comfort that exceed modern standards in almost every category. Initially looking at the price of this Knox product I wouldn’t have even considered them an option but after seeing the level protection which they offer I decided that the value could very likely be there. Many top grade gloves meet the CE standards, but the V14 appeared to also have an idealistic design that made me want to experience these gloves for myself.

Dalton Handroid V14 Gloves

The quality and craftsmanship were obvious from first glance. I could see the time and effort that was taken to produce an intricate and clean product. I was worried that the hard, plastic exoskeleton system spanning the top side of the glove would hinder my ability to maneuver my hands in simple ways, such as signaling and unlocking my front door. However, even before the gloves were broken in, I had no issues and hardly noticed the skeletal system. The lightweight feel eased my fear that the V14 was, in fact, too much glove for me to wear during casual street rides.

Because of the gloves’ thick appearance, I decided they were well suited for a two hour maiden voyage across Michigan in 45 degree weather (to be fair, 45 degrees feels like summer when winter first breaks). Being naïve, I figured, “there is no way these gloves vent well.” As you can probably guess, I was so very wrong, and knew it as soon as I took off. Glove liners are going to be a must; smart perforation placements on the V14 give the glove a lot of air flow without compromising on protection. In a way, I was actually satisfied that I would never have to peel off another insanely sweaty glove, but in those first moments, my hands were incredibly cold.

I’ve had my pair for a couple of months and through a few different rides in varying weather, and I’m overall very satisfied with their flexibility and comfort. It is important to note that for the first couple of hours, they were very tight and somewhat uncomfortable as they broke in. Soon enough the leather softened; now the gloves fit my hands perfectly and have molded to the shape of my hand. Also, you’ll notice excessive room in the thumb area while all the other fingers fit well, but I’ve found that this was the intentional cut of the material as it provides a little extra room for slack to be pulled back when the hand is wrapped around the handlebars.

Adding to the easy maneuverability, is the Boa system, which is the biggest draw to these gloves. I’m confused why more companies have not given up and started manufacturing their own gloves with this system! Tightening the gloves with the Boa is so easy with the gloves on, and provides a constant, snug fit all the way around the wrist and lower forearm (even without a think leather racing jacket).

I primarily ride on the street, commuting about 40 miles a day in a fairly dense, populated area so it is really important that I have gear that is able to protect against damage in a crash either on the city streets or at freeway speeds. Additionally, I enjoy going to the track on occasion and needed a full gauntlet glove that would last a long time. Even though the Handroids were one of the more expensive options I checked out, I decided that I really needed to protect myself by getting a good quality product. The palm and scaphoid protection is complete and unassuming with the dual compound skid protection plates wrapped fully around the hand without causing any interference with the handle grips.

I feel like I’ve found a higher level of protection than I receive from my short cuff Air Carbons or even a lower quality full gauntlet. The idea of putting this structure between my hand and ground in the event of a come off is more appealing than traditional gloves that use a hard composite knuckle protector and thinner impact absorbing material that shields the top of my hands and fingers mostly from impact and less from sliding. The Knox Handroid V14 demolish the CE standards which I know and trust. The protection is confidence inspiring, which adds to the psychological power of the Handroids.

I fortunately have not had the opportunity to see how they hold up by sliding across the pavement, but the gloves continue to satisfy every time I wear them. I will likely spend most of my summer riding with the Knox Handroid V14 as my primary glove choice.

Dalton Fuller

STG Gear Expert


  1. Bill Layer

    I have had a pair of these and love them. I have crashed twice with them on with no hand injuries (the palm sliders really work) so they are beat up but still functional. Great gloves, I’d recommend them as a must buy!

    1. -VAN (Post author)

      Thank you for the feedback Bill, we agree. I’ve crashed mine a couple times and they still look great, the palm sliders are definitely a must! ~Aubrey


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