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Pilot Power 3 Breakdown

At Sportbike Track Gear, we personally enjoy intermediate tires for both on and off the track.  I like the fact that you can feel comfortable using these tires in wet conditions, which can normally  scare most riders.  The ground starts to get slippery out from under you which can unsettle the motorcycle and a good intermediate tire will help keep you connected to the ground in wet and dry conditions. For those of you that enjoyed the Michelin Power Pure, you’re in luck because this is the improved version in the all new HyperSport Michelin Pilot Power 3.

PP3 Front

PP3 Rear










With the Michelin Pilot Power 3, the inner casing profile (carcass) has been optimized for better handling and corner stability. This tire also has an all new tread design, which is expected to also last about 20% longer.  The near slick sides of the Michelin Pilot Power 3 adds for a better contact patch which will offer better grip.  The guys at Michelin have tested around 4 seconds faster in dry conditions compared to the Pilot Power 2CT.

In wet conditions the Pilot Power 3 tested 4.5 seconds faster than the Pilot Power 2CT.  Michelin’s tread design for the Power 3 was focused on better rain evacuation.

Overall this would be a great option for someone in the novice to intermediate levels at the track, canyon riding, or if you are just looking for a solid set of street tires.

We have a shipment of all sizes on the way to our Shelby Township, Michigan warehouse, any pending or new orders will ship as soon as they arrive.

Michelin Compound Breakdown











Brian’s Breakdown Video

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