New 2015 Yamaha R1

It’s finally here, the long anticipated 2015 model of the Yamaha R1 was unveiled at EICMA in Milan this afternoon.  The redesign is a very different look from Yamaha, but I have to say, it really catches the eye! There were a couple teaser videos released in weeks prior to the launch and they definitely kept us waiting while they announced several of the other new models.
It was no surprise that Valentino Rossi was chosen to ride the new machine out on the stage and help present the R1. As a fundamental contributor to the development of the R1, his presence helps pump up the crowd on stage and adds credibility to the project.  There were leaked photos a couple weeks back that circled around the interwebs, but you never know what is photoshopped or not these days.
The Yamaha official page has already been updated to show specs, pricing and a full image gallery.  The 2015 R1 jumps about $2,000 in price, making the three color options a cool $16,490.00 msrp. Continuing production with the crossplane inline-four-cylinder motor, it will push out more horsepower, around 200 to the rear wheel with a healthy amount of torque.  An improved frame and MotoGP inspired electronics wrap up this new 998cc machine to be a top contender on the street and race track for the 2015 riding season!
Just when we thought the hype was over, they threw us for another loop with another pair of headlights in the dark, off the side of the stage.  One could have really hoped that they fibbed when they said there wouldn’t be a change to the 2015 R6….
Again, not a surprise, but our next favorite MotoGP rider, Jorge Lorenzo makes his way to the front of the stage on another motorcycle.  Hidden from the view for a minute as the presenter was even caught off guard, they announced the R1M to the lineup.





The Yamaha YZF-R1M boasts massive improvements to the race technology and it is the closest production Superbike that you can get to a street legal M1 MotoGP bike.  It comes standard with top of the line electronics, Ohlins suspension, full carbon fiber bodywork and a Communication Control Unit with GPS. This CCU will work in conjunction with the Yamaha Y-TRAC app that will allow the rider to manage real time data on their phone or tablet and then upload it back to the motorcycle.

Overall, I am excited to see Yamaha step up to the plate and produce a more powerful machine.  Only time and results from the track will be able to tell us how the true performance of the R1 measures up…  In the mean time, I can continue to look at the new styling and wait.


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