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Sorry Bell Helmets, we love you and the entire helmet lineup but some of the new 2015 releases have me scratching my head…  I’m breaking up the new Bell helmet release into a series, starting with what I like the best out of the street helmet category.

Bell Star

As always, they’ve done an amazing job with the Bell Star lineup.  This is Bell’s top of the line, race inspired and track orientated helmet.  The new helmets are certified to Snell M2015 and DOT standards, making it the most up to date in certifications and still features the manufacture 5 year warranty.  In addition to the carry over of features from the 2013 Star, this helmet still weighs in at 1500 grams or 3.3lbs, making it super light and easy to wear for periods of time.


Bell Star FilmoreBell Star RSD











The two above, the Filmore Replica and the RSD Technique are my favorite new graphics from the Special Edition releases. I’ve been crossing my fingers for months that Bell would release the Filmore Replica after seeing it for the first time on Chris Filmore’s Instagram with the KTM logos. They’ve left them off the Replica edition, naturally, but it is still a sharp graphic!
Bell Star Dunlop ReplicaBell Star Carbon










Both carbon edition helmets and relatively simple graphics.  These can appeal to most riders as Bell has one of the best looking carbon graphics in the market.  They don’t blow me away, but hell, I’d wear either of them.  If you are into the Dunlop Replica, don’t hesitate as this is also one of their Special Edition releases…

Bell Star Tagger
Now, I don’t want to call the Tagger Trouble ugly, but I definitely don’t love it.  We’ve seen the 54 mixed in with several of their graphics in the past and it just doesn’t work, customers don’t get the significance (the year Bell started) and it’s not appealing in the graphic.  So, I am a little shocked to see it here again, but now in a Star carbon.  I like most of the rest of the graphic, but just cannot get into some of the doodle type look of the design in the hi-viz yellow.

Oh well, hopefully they prove me wrong.


New Bell Qualifier DLX

Next is the brand new, Bell Qualifier DLX.  This is a combination piece featuring the Qualifier with a dedicated pocket/location and cover for the Cardo Scala Rider or the Bell Sena SMH10.  In addition to the accommodations for the headsets, it comes standard with the Photochromatic Transition lens, a $119.95 value and moisture-wicking removable interior.
Bell Qualifer DLX
Coming in at $249.95, it’s a great deal for the added value and shield to the normal $109.95 price tag. The graphics consist of the Clutch, which is available in black, blue, red and hi-viz; the Impulse, which is available in pink and matte black and; the Devil May Care Matte graphic.  The Clutch is the best looking and featured to the left, while the Devil May Care is a fighter pilot look, isn’t bad but I don’t think this type of graphic has ever been too successful.  As a woman, I do like to see some pink sprinkled in every once in a while, I personally don’t love it, but it definitely could have some appeal with our women riders.


Either way, the Qualifier is packed full of value with its lightweight poly-carbonate shell, wind collar to help reduce road noise and aerodynamic design. This helmet carries over some of the other great features that Bell strives to include into their entire helmet lineup, such as the ClickRelease and NutraFog II shield, removable and washable liner and good ventilation.
Bell QualifierBell Qualifier Airtrix







As far as new graphics go for the Qualifier, the Momentum is sharp, simple and to the point with the matte black and hi-viz color ways. Now, I cannot say the same for the Airtrix Icon or the Camo Pink graphics but hey, there is something for everyone I guess…

Stay tuned for some of the other releases and graphics….


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