New North American Racing Series!

There is finally an official announcement about the rumored racing series coming to North America.  I am excited to pass along the information as we are learning it and I’m sure more information will come as planning progresses.  The series will be dubbed MotoAmerica and is going to be sanctioned by the AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) and FIM North America, which is is the part of the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme.
The AMA will be responsible for staffing the rounds and handling the race licences for all riders.  As an affiliate of FIM North America, they have done a great job sanctioning amateur road racing in North America since 1924.  They will also regain control over DMG, who brought the AMA Pro series down over the last seven years.
This series is being organized and brought to you by the KRAVE Group, which includes Wayne Rainey, as well as Chuck Aksland.  Both former racers and Rainey being a three time 500cc World Champion.  The remainder of the group consists of other professionals that have had their hand in the motorsports industry and should be very successful in helping the series succeed.   The involvement from the KRAVE Group will include everything from procuring sponsorship opportunities to TV coverage and fan engagement.
I am hopeful that they will be able to do a job than DMG has done in years past with AMA Pro, however, am confident that this group has what it takes to do the job properly.  It is sad to see the demise of AMA Pro, the lack of sponsors and TV coverage ultimately being a huge contributing factor.  What benefit do sponsors or riders get out of a series that has no coverage and isn’t attracting any sort of fan base, no wonder it’s been on a continued decline.
The best part of MotoAmerica is that there will be more of a focus for the young riders, providing a much better opportunity for the youth in North America to succeed in the world circuit.  In addition, this gives an opportunity to work your way through the series and eventually be able to complete towards a world title. A big congrats and thank you to the contributors that are making this series come to life, racing in North America has needed this for quite some time!Let’s go racing!


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