New Rossi Lid!

AGV Winter Test 2013 Double Face

Rossi debuted the amazing the Winter Test 2013 Double Face helmet at the test at Sepang for the first few, official laps of 2014.  As usual he never ceases to amaze with his limited edition helmet graphics with the helmet of famed designer Aldo Drudi.  This is the same designer that you’ve seen Rossi team up before and bring you some of the most famous graphics, such as the sun and moon symbol he rode with in 2013.


The idea behind the Double Face graphic is that Rossi “has his eyes on you” with the rear of the graphic looking virtually the same as the front when he is wearing it and riding.  This message can be taken many ways but it appears that he has every intention of getting back in the game, claiming his 10th World Championship Title.  We all love watching him contend and fight for a podium position and cannot wait to see him finally get a win over Marquez.


In addition to the bold graphic, you will now see for the first time on his helmet, the Monster Energy Logo!  He has been sponsored by Monster Energy for a number of years now and was one of the first riders to receive support from the power house company.  Now you can find it on his helmet and not just his bikes and clothing.
Getting a bit more creative for the test at the Malaysia circuit, he upped the colors and excitement over the the 2012 Winter Test graphic.  Last year’s winter test is more conservative with the yellow and gray color scheme, but still designed by Drudi and still an amazing graphic.  Surprisingly enough, there are still sizes available in this helmet, which can be purchased at a discounted price while supplies last.  If you are a fan of the more simple design of the 2012 Winter Test and want to save a couple dollars on a top end helmet, order your’s before they are gone…
The AGV Corsa Winter Test 2013 Double Face is expected to arrive in the next month from AGV Helmets and can be pre-ordered at this time through the website.  Production will be extremely limited and will sell out quickly.  Take this opportunity to reserve your place in line and get one of the best helmets on the market before they are all gone!

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