New Scorpion Helmets!

As one of our favorite brands because of their ability to mesh quality and affordability into one complete brand.  Scorpion has always been known for their helmets with the best fog free shield on the market.  Over the years they’ve produced quality gear but some of the 2014/2015 items are the best we’ve seen yet.

They’ve done it again with the two new helmets they launched on Thursday, the EXO-R710 and EXO-T1200.  This launch is in conjunction with the AIM Expo in Orlando, Florida.  The expo is in it’s second year and has skyrocketed in the number of exhibitors, dealers and attendees so it was the perfect time to launch a couple new products.

I really like the way the line up is progressing with new technology and style. The helmets are doing the same with the new technology built into the shield mechanism.  This new shield cuts down on wind noise, is stronger and more aerodynamic. All of the new models are including this, along with emergency release cheek pads and the KwikWick liner.  Features such as these are not found in many other helmet brands, specially at the price range the Scorpion releases them at.

The EXO-T1200 is their new, top of the line street and touring helmet.  The replacement for the popular EXO-1100 and an amazing value with the newly added technology and features.  This is really high end helmet, perfect for the street with the reduction in wind noise and comes in at a mid $300 price range.

Then there is the EXO-R710, which is designed to be a mid level “race” series helmet.  They’ve been designing the helmets to separate the street and race helmets in an easy to follow format with the model names.  The R710 is the replacement to the popular EXO-700 that has been a best seller for years.  With most of the same features as the top of line race helmet, the R2000, it is available at a lower price point but still a great option for the track.

Overall, the new items available from Scorpion are impressive to say the least. Check out the site, watch for the YouTube video reviews to be posted shortly and as always, give our guys a shout with any questions!

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