New Shoei 2014 Helmets

The new Shoei Fall 2014 launch brought a ton of new graphics to the the table and personally, I think they’re better than ever.  The standard pictures on the website and floating around online don’t do some of the graphics justice and to be honest, you still just have to see them in person.  Our review videos help as Brian gives you the typical 360 degree view of the helmet on camera, which can all be viewed on our YouTube Channel or on the individual listings on the website.

Shoei has always come out with nice graphics, but rarely have any that really make you go “wow” until now.  I picked my three favorites from each model but all of them are great in their own way. The RF-1200 Graffiti TC-6 is bright and colorful while having a very intricate line work, albeit a graffiti design.  Next is the X-Twelve Trajectory TC-1 and I am partial to this graphic because I’ve always been a fan of matte finishes and love the color red.  The part of this graphic that might not come across is the silver as it has a sheen and little bit of flake to it, even though it is a matte finish. In the GT Air Cog TC-9, I really couldn’t help myself with this one, it is just plain badass! I like everything about this graphic from the detail that went into the design to the industrial feel.

I’m excited to see what Shoei has next, hopefully they continue to go push out graphics like this in future launches…   There are new graphics across their entire lineup from street to dirt, take a minute and check it out for yourself!

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