New Woodcraft

Key Switch Elimination Harness

Brand new Woodcraft item and available to order and ship right away. They’ve put in the research, time and development into making it as easy as possible to transition your motorcycle to keyless. Woodcraft has roots in racing with Eric Wood developing the products as he would use and want for the race track.  With a long and successful history in racing, he can use his direct experience in the design of new products.
There are several benefits to eliminating the OEM key switch as well.  Reduce weight on the top end of the bike, which speaks for itself when it comes to motorcycle performance, specially when it is up high.  This also creates additional space near the dash, making it easier to install a steering damper or lap timer.  And on top of all of that, don’t fumble around with the key anymore.  Gone are the days of hoping the key is in the ignition when you arrive to the race track.  No more worries about using the key to open the gas tank, easily swap that out too and go completely keyless.

Eliminating the OEM key switch has never been so easy.  Simply remove the OEM ignition and plug in the new Key Switch Eliminator Harness to the Stop/Run switch.  This allows you to utilize the most of the stock hardware and saves you a trip to your local Auto Zone.
Available for the Kawasaki 636 (2013+) and ZX10 (2011+); Suzuki GSXR600 (2006+), GSXR750 (2006+), GSXR1000 (2005+); and Yamaha R6 (2006+), R1 (2002-2014) for the time being.  They are currently working on options for the Italian bike models, but is a little more difficult with the different electronics.  Chances are likely that the pricing may change with the increased development costs and work arounds.  Stay tuned as we expect more models to be announced soon.
Check the site today to pick one up, only priced at $45.99 and available at STG!

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