Santa Van’s Ho Ho Holiday Giveaway

For the 2013 Holiday Season, Santa Van has designed an all new weekly giveaway that gives back direct to our customers.  Basically, if you made a purchase with us via phone, email or online the week prior, your name is entered into the drawing.  Santa Van randomly draws your Sales Order and if you are selected as the winner, we will give you a store credit for the same value as your purchase.  It gets better, if you call within 30 minutes of the video going live, we’ll double it!
Santa Van announces the Giveaway in the November 2013 Sales Video:

So, finally the time comes for the Week 1 drawing and we’re pumped! However, we have a disgruntled employee trying to quit smoking so Santa Van decides to have a bit of fun and try to cheer her up. Watch the video where we announce Paul’s purchase of a few Alpinestars items qualified him as this weeks winner and of course, Santa Van’s shenanigans. On another note, we still haven’t heard back from you Paul D. from Port Chartlotte, Florida…


We had some technical difficulties with the Week 1 video, so we were extra prepared for Week 2.  Another awesome customer was selected, Laura Q. from Red Bluff, CA.  She purchased a few items from Speed and Strength and Knox Armor, both very good choices.  We haven’t heard from her yet, but we are patiently awaiting her phone call!
Moral of the story is make a purchase with STG this holiday season and you might be the recipient of Santa Van’s holiday generosity!!
~Aubrey the Elf


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