Shark RSR2 Helmet Review

Shark has been building some of the best helmets on the market.  The helmet we are going to be talking about is the flagship of the line, the Shark RSR2 Helmet. Their super light weight and 3mm F1 type safety visors have kept this helmet in the spotlight for a long time.  The visor is treated with an anti-fog treatment that makes this helmet a great pick for cool weather and hot weather riding.  One of the biggest things shark has been stressing with their line of helmets is the unique Carbon-fibre/Kevlar construction that allows this helmet to be as light as it is without compromising safety.  Shark has chosen to stick with ECE-2205 and DOT as their safety requirements instead of the SNELL and DOT that others have lived by.

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The Shark RSR2 Helmet comes in at just over 3.1 lbs for a size medium, this makes it one of the lightest helmets on the market to date.  Shark uses a large amount of Carbon mixed with Kevlar to get a stronger shell, but still has the flexibility needed to absorb energy.  The visor changing system on the Shark is much different then most.  It uses a 2 piece locking system to keep the visor moving and operating without fail.  This also allows the user to adjust the tension and movement of the shield with a small tool.  The visor also comes with tear off posts standard on the helmet, and also comes with a small pack of tear offs.

The RSR2 also comes with a winter type mask to help from any fogging, this is an accessory that usually doesn’t come with a helmet.

Venting on this helmet is above average for sure, it uses a large chin vent on the front of the helmet with a nice feel.  Same goes with the top vent on the helmet that is huge compared to others on the market.  What is unique about the RSR2 is the way the inner EPS is constructed.  It is called a “shark fin” style EPS, it has very large channels that allow air to travel across the top of your head and then it exits the rear vent that has the ability to be closed or open depending on what the temperature your riding in.  The main thing the channels are for is safety.  These channels when hit with a large impact act as a crumple zone where they collapse on each other to absorb as much energy as possible.

Shark was also was one of the helmets that Sharp elected to do some random testing on their product like they do many other brands.  Shark passed with flying colors and got 5 stars for their helmet.

The Shark RSR2 comes in many different and unique graphics, they have something for everyone.

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