Shift Torque Street Jeans Review

Shift Racing is always pushing and innovating new products that meet the needs of the sportbike market.  For this season, Shift redesigned they ever famous Shift Torque Jean, and built us an all new Shift Torque Street Jean.  Keeping a similar design and style they added features to make the jean last longer, and keep you just as safe.  This product is for any rider that doesn’t think normal jeans will do a good enough job when in contact with asphalt.


As most companies are trying to be as innovative as possible, they all have to keep in mind comfort is almost the number one concern for any rider.  It can be the most protective thing on the market, but when it feels like a boat anchor or doesn’t move as your body does, your not going to wear.  It is very important to balance the protection and comfort level together.  To obtain this, Shift settled on a 13oz. denim to make the pant able to provide greater abrasion resistance and protection over a normal jean.  Kevlar is the number one choice for abrasion resistance in the normal high wear areas.  The basic description of Kevlar is it is a fiber that is high in strength and light in weight.  This fiber is the added material that is between the outside of the jean and the cotton poplin that is used for comfort on your skin in the saddle and knee/shin.  For added protection, shift has made these pants a bit longer than an average jean to be able to cover your ankle while you are in riding position.
For more durability, Shift has put a leather reinforced panel at the lower cuff of the jean to protect from wear and tear when walking around.  They have their standard 5 pocket design, with 1 rear pocket including a button to ensure any valuable items don’t fall out.
The Shift Torque Street Jean is available in two colors, a Dark Indigo and a Medium Indigo.  The sizes range from 30″ waist to a 40″ waist to accommodate as many people as possible.
Many people that use the Shift Torque Street Jean have wanted to add even more protection.  We recommend you take a look at the Knox Knee Guards that are easily usable under the jeans.

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