Sidi ST Boots Review

We are impressed with the ALL NEW Sidi ST Boots. The Sidi ST Boots are $80 less than the Sidi Vortice and deliver the same level of protection.  The Sidi ST and ST Air have both built in the Cam Lock buckling system from the Sidi off-road boots and added them on the closure system. The Cam Lock buckles are far and away the top off road boot closure system. Adding these buckles to any street model will assure a secure and comfortable closure around the calf. The buckles will also permit for a quicker “in and out” while still being incredibly protected and locked while riding.
  • Black, black/white, black/blue or black/red
  • Non vented and vented versions will be available
  • Bolt on (no Velcro!) replaceable, adjustable and aerodynamic nylon scuff pads on the toe.
  • Dual compound sole.
  • An all new upper level sport boot features an easy entry system as well as the finest support and protection features.
  • Sidi’s exclusive cam-lock buckle system for easy entry and boot removal while still offering a perfect glove like fit.
  • Available at your Sidi dealer in late December
  • Perforated Teflon treated nylon lining.
  • Double stitched in all high stress areas.
  • External ankle brace system.
  • Lorica outer construction.
  • The ST can accommodate riders with up to an 15-inch calf diameter 12.5 inches above from the bottom of their heel.
  • Removable arch support.
  • Composite inner sole.
  • Padded Achilles area.
  • A Perforated “Air Model” is available in both Black and White
  • DuPont polymer toe shift pad.
  • Replaceable, Shock absorbing heel cup.
  • An elastic panel adjacent to the entry zipper allow a bind free zip and improved fit.
  • All bolt on parts are replaceable.
  • Closable air vents on the foot outer.
Watch Our YouTube Video Review where we cover our first look at the ST.

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