Spidi Mantis Wind Pro Leather Suit

The Spidi Mantis Wind Pro one piece leather suit is hands down one of the best ladies suits on the market right now.  The suit is a direct copy of the men’s Spidi Wind Pro leather suit, but with a slightly different design of the stretch fabric and women specific cut.  This means that the ladies finally have a high end suit that is on the same level as the guys, rather than a dumbed down version with minimal protection that I have gotten use to seeing.  I love that more and more women are hitting the track and getting more adventurous in their riding, but hate when I see an abundance of girls in old, raggedy men’s suits that fit poorly.
I started track riding about six years ago and was forced to wear a mens suit.  I’m lucky because I am tall and able to “fit” in a couple of the off the rack options. However, by “fit” I mean that it worked for the most part, but didn’t have the proper snug, race fit that a new suit should.
Fast forward a couple years, I started getting faster and wanted to start racing.  After being involved in the sport for a few years and as one of the few girls attending track days, I wanted a womens suit and I wanted it bad.  I was riding with all the guys and most didn’t know that I was the one riding next to them or passing them.
Finally with the Spidi Mantis, I look like a girl instead of a line backer in a leather suit.  I couldn’t ask for a better fit in a suit, even if I had gone with a full custom option.  As with most women’s items, I am wearing a size 44 Euro in this suit and it fits me the way I want it to.  This is what we would consider to be a race fit, that will require some break in time before I can fit a back protector and other armor.  After wearing it several times and allowing the leather to stretch a bit, I am now wearing a Knox Track Vest with the suit, which has since been upgraded to the V14 model.  For more information on the difference between leather suit fitment, we did an awesome video explaining it, that can be found HERE.
I am just about 5’10” and weigh approximately 155lbs, which fluctuates from time to time, as most of us ladies experience.  The great thing about this suit is the extensive use of stretch material that flows from the shoulder, through the hip area and down the thigh.  This allows for a great fit for a women’s curves as it is more forgiving than the leather but will still offer good abrasion resistance and protection.
In addition to the quality 1.1mm to 1.3mm cowhide leather used in the construction of this suit, it features CE approved armor in the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees.  If you do not like using a stand alone back protector, there is the option to upgrade to the Warrior Lady Back Protector. Another key feature is the amount of perforation added to the leather panels in this suit.  This perforation combined with the stretch panels will allow for a great amount of airflow, helping keep you cool while riding.  This is another feature that you rarely see in women’s riding gear and another huge plus for this suit.
We are currently the only retailer in the US to carry this suit and currently have sizes in stock and available in the white/black color way.  At the price of $1,399.95, you are getting a whole lot of suit for the money!
All in all, I hope I never crash in this suit because I want to keep it forever!~Aubs

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