Spiegler Social Media Giveaway from STG!

If you follow STG on Facebook, you’ll see the new giveaway we posted this afternoon.  We’re teaming up with Spiegler Performance again and the winner of this contest will get a free set of front and rear brake pads by Carbone Lorraine.  Contest terms are simple, give us your reasoning of needing new brake pads and why we should chose you in 30 words or less.  If your submission convinces us, you’ll be chosen as the winner!

Contest details, fine print and submissions can be found on our Facebook or by clicking HERE.

If you haven’t used the Carbone Lorraine brake pads yet, I suggest giving them a try.  Not only do they have options for street and track use, but they are much more affordable than some other performance brake options.

The premier pad option for front brake pads is the Carbone Lorraine CL59 front brake pad. This pad is designed for trackday and race use and isn’t going to be ideal for street use.  The CL59 has more of a progressive bite throughout the braking process and will not overheat under use.

The Carbone Lorraine RX3 rear brake pad rear brake pad is the only option we have listed from Carbone Lorraine for a rear pad.  If you need a replacement rear pad for street or track riding, this will be a more than satisfactory option.  It is designed to have long wear life and should perform well in wet or dry conditions.


The Carbone Lorraine XBK5 front brake pad is their affordable, street front brake pad option. This pad will perform well under all weather conditions and should have a long wear life at the same time.  The XBK5 is not only acceptable for street use, but can be used for beginner track riding as well.


As always, if you have any question on brake pad options, please give us a call at 888-784-4327 or shoot an email to Orders@sportbiketrackgear.com and one of our experienced sales representatives can give you a hand.

Make sure you stay tuned to the contest as we’ve gotten some great submissions in the past.


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