and Friends of Foster Kids Team Up with a Holiday Donation! Steps Out of Moto and Into Giving This Holiday Season With a Donation to Friends of Foster Kids


Shelby Township, 31st December 2015

Rain and cold weather can really dampen a motorcycle ride, so (STG) makes it a point to sell the highest quality rain and cold weather gear available to keep their customers warm and dry while they enjoy their favorite motorsport. This year, STG thought that these unbeatable products could help keep someone else warm through the winter; by partnering with Friends of Foster Kids (FOFK), STG is providing over 300 new rain jackets and over 100 new backpacks to foster children in the greater Detroit Area.Van Donation

There are roughly 900 children in foster care all over Macomb County, and each year it’s a struggle to provide adequate clothing to such a large number of youths. Many foster children go all year with a one season coat that doesn’t adequately protect them from the elements. Rain jackets and water resistant backpacks that are made to keep a rider warm in in frigid riding conditions and protect th
eir belongings will be a big improvement for these kids with a Michigan winter sailing in.

FOFK is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization that was formed as a coalition to assist children from birth to age 20 within the greater Detroit area. “It is great to be able to donate some garments to make these kids’ lives better. FOFK looks like will be pretty good at getting our products to the kids who need them most” said Ryan Smith the operations manager at STG. The brands of the jackets and backpacks range from Alpinestars to AGV Sport which are both top apparel brands within the United States. This means that the children most in need this winter and spring will have jackets that fit well and are also in style, bringing even more value to the young people growing up within this community.

Brian Van, the owner of is passionate about quality and it is partly because of this he pushed so hard to make this donation a reality: “We carry some really functional and effective products that many other businesses don’t have access to and it puts us in a unique position to be able to give back by providing some really high quality products to these kids who really need them.” is one of the leading providers for high quality motorcycle gear and has been located in the Metro area for the last ten years— the same community where Brian Van has lived his entire life, and is raising his family. By carrying many of the top name brands in motorsports and by providing excellent service, this local business has developed a wide reach within the moto-industry affording them the opportunity to take products that are useful outside of the moto-realm and donate them to organizations like Friends of Foster Kids.

To learn more about Friends of Foster Kids you can visit their website at

Shelby Township, MI – 888.784.4327 Ext. 221

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