Van’s Giveaways Winner Announced – M4 Exhaust Edition!

Yamaha FZ-09 M4 Exhaust Giveaway Winner Completes Install and Review

Nothing completes the look of a motorcycle and gives it a custom look quite like a shiny, carbon fiber exhaust! During the FZ-09 STG Project Bike Build, we had several parts that did not “go” with the bike at the end of the project and one of those pieces were the M4 Exhaust. Van showed you all of the steps to cut the stock system and complete the installation, but we were left with an installed product at end and he decided he wanted to give these items away! We’ve created Van’s Gear Locker Giveaway, where you can enter to win one of the many pieces that are literally laying around in his shop. Read below for our winners review of the installation process, the M4 Exhaust system, updated pictures and a video clip of how it sounds on his Yamaha FZ-09!

Yamaha FZ-09

The Sportbike Track Gear team and their 2014 Yamaha FZ-09 project build have been very helpful for FZ-09 owners like myself. With limited wrenching experience, I was doubtful in my ability to begin working properly on my bike. Using STG’s extensive and thorough how-to videos and Brian’s tips I was able to install my SPIEGLER brake lines and aftermarket brake and clutch levers shortly after purchasing the bike and immediately felt the improved brake feel.

M4 Exhaust

The sound of the FZ-09 with its factory stock system was another thing that didn’t sit well with me from day one. It just did not do the character of the bike any justice, and the engine noise could easily cancel out the quiet exhaust. In its true form, this is a hooligan bike that will wheelie without a hesitation; the stock exhaust was unfit for the job and it had to go! Unfortunately the full exhaust options currently available can be quite costly and can’t be justified for most people on a budget. Enter the M4 Exhaust system, at an affordable price point, it had been on my wish list for an entire season. Yet, I was hesitant to take the plunge given the required cutting of the exhaust system and my lack of proper tools and experience. I was extremely excited when I was selected for the M4 Exhaust giveaway by Van and STG. This meant I could enjoy the exhaust I had been eyeing for months without risking the loss of a finger cutting the stock exhaust. Awesome!

Having the slip on already attached to the headers by Brian made the installation a breeze and the entire swap was completed in less than 15 minutes!  All that’s needed is to remove the O2 sensor, remove the six header nuts, remove the two muffler bolts and off comes the stock system.
STG LogoClose up shot of M4







The M4 goes on even easier, one bolt attaching the silencer to the frame, 6 header bolts torqued to spec and finally the O2 sensor, conveniently tucked away and out of sight under the bike. Handling both exhaust systems I immediately noticed the weight difference in the systems, almost 10 lbs lost just like that…No diet plan can shed that much weight with such little effort!

Hearing the bike with the M4 Exhaust was like hearing an entirely different bike, it now sounds as a sport bike should! The distinct triple sound of the engine is beautifully amplified with the M4. I have yet to run the bike without the db killer as it is already as loud as I can imagine my neighbors will tolerate with my early morning commutes.

The FZ-09 has an air injection system that causes a very audible popping sound upon deceleration with unburned fuel igniting in the exhaust system. Although it’s fun to hear the popping noises for the first few miles, I can see the need for installing the block off plates for a smoother sounding system. Luckily, STG has another complete video on the installation of the block off plates!

Overall the M4 Exhaust has met my expectation and now really sets the bike apart. I love being able to hear what the engine is doing at any RPM. Having the attention grabbing element is a great side effect as well!

Thanks to Brian, Aubrey and the rest of the team at STG, my 2015 riding season is off to a great sounding start!

Ride safe,

P. Nejad

FZ-09 Full shot

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