STG Project Bike 2014

We announced it just a week or two ago, but here is your first update on the 2014 STG Project Bike!  We’ve decided that this year, we’ll be focusing more on a street bike than a track only bike.  So, when it came time to make the decision on the make/model, it was a pretty easy choice with a 2014 Yamaha FZ-09.   The rules will be the same as last year, all we need you to do is create an online profile on the website, which is pretty simple.  If you’ve made a recent purchase with us, then you are entered.  If you are receiving our weekly sales newsletter, then you are entered.  The big bonus, if you make a purchase with us from January 1, 2014 on ongoing for the contest, then every $100 you spend with us, will score you another entry!
The bike is a beauty and we are all anxious for it to arrive to the shop and to get started on the project.  We have been waiting for the bike to be delivered to our local dealer as they are all just started to hit the dealerships.  Additionally, our local dealer had to get it assembled before we could even sneak a peek at her…  Well, it has finally arrived and I was able to sneak away from the shop for a few minutes with the camera to take a couple quick pictures.


We got the bike from K&W Cycle, which is just a few miles down the street from our shop.  This is the same dealership that we got the 2012 Yamaha R1 for last years Project Bike Giveaway.  The guys over were great, had it ready for me when I got there and moved it around a few different times so I could get some good pictures.  It was a bit of a gloomy day, but the bike looks great!

 It appears that the weather is finally starting to turn around (knock on wood) and Brian should be able to ride it back to the shop sometime next week.  We fully plan on getting some GoPro footage and more pictures to share of her maiden voyage!  So, stay tuned…

We have a ton of goodies on the way to the shop so we can get started on videos for you guys.  As with the last giveaway, we will be doing individual product install and maintenance videos as the year progresses.  This bike is so new, there’s a decent amount of products available for it, but not a ton yet.  The STG web team has been adding products to the website as they become available, so if there is something you are looking for on your own FZ-09 chances are the manufactures on building it!


I have to say, the more I look at this FZ-09, the more I want one for myself. Keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll have an opportunity to ride it…

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