STG Project Bike Arrives!

The weather is finally starting to turn and we were able to bring the 2014 Yamaha FZ-09 Project Bike to the shop from K&W Cycle.  The snow has melted from the roads, but remains in giant mounds at the end of parking lots and subdivisions.  However, the sun is shining and we managed just over 50 degrees, giving us the perfect opportunity to brave the 7 mile ride.
There was an abundance of potholes, gravel on the road and anything else left on the road surface to make the ride a little nerve wracking.  Brian was riding the FZ-09 in front of me and we had to pass construction crews on the side of the road and several other obstacles.  He was able to ride the bike with ease as it is the perfect street machine, a big difference than the track only riding he’s been doing for the last number of years.


I have to say, watching the Yamaha FZ-09 go down the road, I was a bit jealous in my car following behind.  The parts are starting to arrive to the shop and we are all looking forward to start working on it.

 Stay tuned as we will be completing the same install and “how to” videos from the 2013 Project Bike and we will be releasing them as we complete them.  In addition to the install videos, we are excited to also announce that we will be doing occasional ride reviews on the products we install, as well as riding gear.
We put together a quick video from the GoPro footage of Brian riding, which can be watched here:
He also takes a moment to recap the contest rules and our customer loyalty rewards program for the giveaway.  It’s as simple as creating an account on the website if you don’t already have one set up.  Anyone can enter, customers have an opportunity to receive additional entries, but come August, only one person will win.
Stay tuned for all the upcoming videos and updates!

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