The Mantis by Driven Racing

Driven Racing has released the Mantis today and it can be purchased now through STG!  This is brand new technology and a long awaited piece of equipment that is going to make waves through the sportbike, track and race community.  The Mantis is an electric tire temperature sensor that comes with a display and two sensors that mount on the front and rear fender.
The sensor mounts are manufactured of aluminum alloy and use 3M tape for a secure and steady application, but are also designed to be removable and adjustable. The display mount is the same lightweight aluminum but with a suction cups rather than tape that goes on the inside of your windscreen.   This unit was designed to be easily taken from one motorcycle to another for multiple applications.
The Mantis housing uses a liquid crystal display that will remain glare-free and feeds temperature results in real time.  It can also be programmed to alert you when the tires hit a certain temperature. The sensor itself is located behind a wide angle lens and injection molded poly-carbonate housing to maximize the viewing surface and to also protect it from debris and damage.
The days of crashing due to cold tires or tire temperature issues are over.  By using the Mantis, you can accurately read your tires temperature through the infrared sensor and make any necessary adjustments to the tires before hitting the track.  The infrared sensor has a resolution of 0.02 degree Celsius to provide a precise temperature measurement.  Maintaining the proper tire temperature is crucial for optimal performance, tire longevity and safety.
Using and maintaining the Mantis is simple, with quick connector pins that go from the display unit to the sensors.  It is recommended to wipe any debris from the sensor lens before riding on the track, so as far as maintenance goes, it’s as simple as that.  Installation is even easier as only a few simple tools are needed and can be completed in your home garage or track side in a pinch.
The Mantis is available now and is estimated to be shipping within the next few days. Check it out, watch the videos for more information and grab yours up now before the first production is sold out!

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