The RS Taichi Free Glove Promo is Back!

Pretty much the only time a year that RS Taichi goes on sale, the free glove promotion is back!  We look forward to this sale every year, as it adds an awesome value to the top of the line suits that RS Taichi already offers.  Each suit is marked on the website if it qualifies for a pair of free gloves and will run through the end of February 2015.  All you have to do is contact our staff via phone or email to let us know which color and size you want for the suit and gloves.

The GP-Max is the top of the line suit offered from RS Taichi and there are currently several models that are current and qualify for this offer. This is a savings of up to $249.95 with the GP-EVO glove, that you would receive for free when you purchase any of the GP-Max Suits. The GP-Max is constructed of perforated Japanese cowhide, Schoeller Keprotec stretch material, CE approved armor and every other feature you could want out of a race suit.  This suit is by far, the pinnacle of the race suit market and one of Brian’s favorite suits!

If the GP-Max is above your price range, there are two other suits, the GP-WRX R303 and GP-X S207/S208 that are priced within the mid-level suit range.  You could even consider the GP-X S207 and S208 at the lower end of the mid-level suit range.  All three of these suits are constructed of high grade Brazilian cowhide, Schoeller Keprotec and CE approved armor.  Another feature that you will see throughout the suit lineup is a ton of perforation, leather stretch panels, double layered leather and triple stitching in all of the impact zones.All of these suits meet and exceed the Motorcycle Federation of Japan standard, which is a difficult standard to pass.  This is an important feature of the RS Taichi brand to note as they have the some of the most strict standards worldwide.  There are more features that we haven’t even gone over, but all in all, these are the reasons we love RS Taichi suits and the brand as a whole.










In addition to the quality and features of the suits included in this promotion, the RS Taichi Gloves that correspond to this sale are amazing quality.  The free glove corresponds to the suit, as you can see by the prefix of the number, so RS Taichi made it easy for us to decipher what level of glove goes with the suit.  However, if you wanted to go a level up with the glove, we can certainly make this happen and simply collect the difference in pricing. Example – purchase a GP-WRX R303 and choose a pair of GP-Evo gloves, we will need to collect $70.00, which is still an awesome value!


For more information about one of our favorite brands and suits on the market, do not hesitate to contact our staff for a full break down of features, benefits, sizing, etc.  For some of Brian’s thoughts on the suit line, here is one of our older videos where Brian discusses the product line and suits.  In the video below, he shows you some of the RS Taichi suits that he has crashed and how they held up as well.

For questions or to complete your purchase, please contact our expert sales staff at 888-784-4327 or email at!

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