Woodcraft Frame Sliders




Are all frame sliders created equal?


The answer is definitely a no. With a saturated market, it is sometimes hard to decipher if one frame slider is better than the other or if you should get the “NO-CUT” sliders or make minor modifications, but the real decision is do you want them to function and do you want them to protect your bike when you go down?


Woodcraft has a solid design that allows the maximum strength and the most amount of slide. The first thing you notice on the sliders are the solid ends that allow 48% more slide surface which extends the life of the sliders and keeps your bike protected longer. The second thing that stands out is the bolt on the side of the slider puck. This mounting point has been specifically placed here to allow more slide on the puck, but to also allow for the easy removal of used slider pucks without having to fight through a mangled slider opening like other slider pucks make you do.


These kits sometimes require body modification, but we at STG believe this is still the best way to go. Most “NO-CUT” kits have weaker mounting brackets that often only hold up for 1 crash and do not offer much protection. Woodcraft has a low profile engine mount design that keeps the mechanical advantage of destruction to a minimum. The sliders also have a beveled radius to better transition surface differences in a crash with less likelihood of torquing on the mount or sending the bike into a tumble.

All in all, these frame sliders are without a doubt the most durable, long lasting, easy to use slider on the market and with a price point of about $69.99 these are definitely not a budget buster. We also recommend taking a look at the Woodcraft slider spools for added slide protection.

If you have any additional product or install questions, please give us a call. 888-784-4327


Cost effective.

Delrin slider pucks (also available in anodized aluminum).

Solid, Low profile design.

Available replacement parts and pucks






Easy puck replacement

In some cases, mods are required ( it is worth it )


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