Yamaha FZ-09 STG Project Bike Status Update

If you are following the STG Project Bike Giveaway for 2014, you will see that we have two projects going right now.  Here is a quick status update on the Yamaha FZ-09, as we’ve made a good deal of progress!  You may have seen some of these photos posted on the STG Facebook page already, but you have to admit, they’re pretty good shots.  I’ve been doing my best to keep everyone updated on our Social Media and with all of the STG YouTube “How To” videos.


In this shot, not only can you see the Spiegler Yamaha FZ-09 2014 Front Brake Line Kit coming down from the front master cylinder, but its a good shot of the Graves Motorsports Yamaha FZ-09 2014 Full Exhaust System headers and Yamaha FZ-09 2014 LSL Frame Slider Kit. I am really happy with the translucent blue brake line and the way it looks with the blue on the stock wheels of the FZ-09.


Close up of the Spiegler Yamaha FZ-09 2014 Rear Brake Line Kit and the way it runs along the swing arm of the FZ-09.  We still have the stock rear sets on this bike, which we might leave being that it is going to be used mostly on the street.
Full shot of the Graves Motorsports Yamaha FZ-09 2014 Full Exhaust System on the FZ-09.  While this is a bit more on the price range for exhausts, it sure does sound mean and looks awesome.


We decided to also go with the Yamaha FZ-09 2014 LSL Frame Slider Kit for a frame slider on this bike because it was very easy to install and you have many options for the crash pad color.  It was a tough decision but we ended up going with the standard black, but there are many color options to match your motorcycle and color scheme.
Stay tuned as we’ll continue to post more pictures and installation videos as parts become available for the 2014 STG Yamaha FZ-09 Project Bike Giveaway.  As always, make sure you’ve signed up by entering your email address on the website.  Every person that enters will receive one free entry and as a customer loyalty, each purchase of $100 will add up for another entry.
Have a fun filled, two wheeled weekend!


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